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Vou de Abacate

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Vou de Abacate

If your hair needs reconstruction, Griffus has something new for you!

The Vou de Abacate line brings all the power of avocado for advanced hair reconstruction. Avocado butter 100% vegetable has antioxidant and repairing action and, combined with a powerful complex of amino acids, reverses the damage of the hair fiber and recovers the malleability of the hair. The result? Hair restored, shiny and soft. Best of all, the line is VEGAN and free from praffins, parabens, mineral oil and dyes.

The line products are:

- Shampoo - available in 420 ml version

- Conditioner - available in 420 ml version

- Detangling cream - available in 420 ml and 1.1 kg versions

- Mask - available in 550 g version

- Leave-in- available in 240 ml version

- Humidifying oil - available in 100 ml version