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Vou de Oliva

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Vou de Oliva

Looking for advanced hydration and vitality for your hair? Griffus has it!

VOUDEOLIVA line brings all the power of olive for advanced hydration and revitalization. And not only that: highly concentrated in fatty acids and vitamin E, the 100% vegetable oil cold pressed strengthens and repairs the strands, preventing aging caused by the effects of weather and of thermal, chemical and environmental impacts. VOUDEOLIVA is vegan and free from parabens, paraffins, mineral oil and colouring.

And you know the result? They are silky, healthy hair with movement and AMAZING shine!

Too much love for a single line !


The products of the line are:

- Shampoo - available in 420 ml version

- Conditioner - available in 420 ml version

- Detangling cream - available in 420 ml and 1.1 kg versions

- Hair mask - available in 550 g version

- Treatment Vial - available in 30 ml version

- Humidifying Oil - available in 100 ml version