Basics Treatments

Basics Treatments

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Basics Treatments

Amo Cachos line is vegan and free for the techniques. It has basic assets such as chia and flaxseed, which combined with other plant assets, bring incredible results to the hair. The low shampoo poo sanitizes the wires and the scalp without attacking them. The conditioner moisturizes and protects, sealing the cuticles and preserving the active ingredients in the hair fiber, and can also be used as a co-wash by adherents to the zero poo technique. The treatment mask moisturizes and repairs the hair, leaving them soft, shiny and pliable in just 3 minutes!

The schedule kit is the perfect solution for your hair! The ampoules help structure a routine of treatments for the yarns and customized for the needs of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction!

For those who want intensive treatment, the moisturizing oils are ideal, they have 100% vegetable actives that help mega-hydration, intensive strengthening and full nutrition of the yarns.


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The products of the line are:

- Shampoo - available in 400 ml version

- Conditioner - available in 400 ml version

- Mask - available in 500 g version

- Schedule kit - 3 ampoules 30 ml each

- Coconut moisturizing oil - available in 100 ml version

- Castor moisturizing oil - available in 100 ml version

- Mixing oil of special oils - available in 100 ml version