Category: Amo Cachos


Griffus brings liberate, vegan finishers that have sunscreen and thermal protection.

The multifunctional cream is a versatile product that can be used as a conditioner, co-wash and combing cream. Its formula combines coconut and argan oils with a powerful amino acid complex for amazing results.

The biphasic oil has a fluid texture formula composed of a mix of 12 oils and vegetable butters, which recovers the strands from external damage, repairs and prevents the formation of double ends and keeps the curls shiny, malleable and healthy.

Amo Cachos Gelatines will bring the perfect finish that your hair needs! Based on vegetable collagen, they have the power to strengthen and revitalize the finalization of curly hair and can be combined with other products.

The products of the line are:

- Multifunctional - available in 420 ml and 1 kg versions

- Modeling gelatine - available in 420 g version

- Next day gelatine - available in 420 g version

- Biphasic oil - available in 60 ml version