Treatment Vials

Treatment Vials

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Treatment Vials

The three new vials are part of the Effect Professional line and offer instant treatment with results in just 1 minute.


Hidrat Effect - Instant Moisturizing

Indicated for anyone looking for deep hydrating sealing the cuticles, improving hair elasticity, recovering damaged hair strands and strengthening the structure of the hair immediately.

Its unique formula with Queratrix * (Keratin + Creatine) restores hair damaged by chemical processes or external agents. Keratin repairs the capillary structure while creatine is an amino acid responsible for giving strength and resistance to hair strands.

available in 30 ml


Color Effect – Post Dye

Recommended for nutrition and protection of dyed hair, keeping the color more intense for much longer. In addition, it seals the cuticles, improves elasticity, recovers damaged hair strands and strengthens the internal structure immediately.

Its unique Phyto Screen formula protects the damage caused by UV radiation, prevents photoaging of hair, protects color, enhances brightness, enhances elasticity and has anti-oxidant action.

Available in 30 ml