Argan Impact Bio-nutrition

Argan Impact Bio-nutrition

Category: Evolution

Argan Impact Bio-nutrition

The Argan Impact Bio-Nutrition of the Evolution line is recommended for dry hair. Its unique formula enriched with high-tech assets, treats hair strands deeply and instantly. Its main assets are the Action Plus Intra Cell Complex, Bio Ceramides, Argan Oil and Royal Jelly.

The exclusive Action Plus Intra Cell complex, made up of Vitamins, Essential Amino Acids and Special Silicones, provides nutrition, reconstruction and protection to the hair cells.

Bio Ceramides and Argan Oil associated with Royal Jelly, are rich in highly antioxidant elements and with nutritive and moisturizing action. They guarantee fast results of health and luminosity, as they penetrate selectively in the most affected areas of the hair, providing health and shine.

The result is hair nourished and revitalized since day one.


Here are the products of this line:

- Shampoo - available in 1 L

- Conditioner - available in 1 L

- Leave in active term - available in 1 L

- Curls Activator and Humidifier - available in 1 L

- Hair mask - available in 1 kg

- Detangling cream - available in 1 kg