Repair Effect - Total Repair

Repair Effect - Total Repair

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Repair Effect - Total Repair

The Griffus Repair Effect line is recommended for hair damaged by chemical treatments such as straightening, relaxing and dyes. Its unique formula enriched with biotechnological assets, cleans the hair strands without harming them. Its main assets are Active Repair System, Essential Oligoelements, Biotechnological Assets, Keratin, Arginine and D-Panthenol.

The exclusive Active Repair System complex is made up of high-performance silicones that form a protective layer of intense brightness. D-Panthenol imparts softness, hydration and a velvety touch.

Keratin and Arginine, two important amino acids of the hair fiber, are associated with the Essential Oligoelements (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc) that restore and strengthen the internal and external structure of damaged hair strands, protecting them from various aggressions. This replenishes the lost capillary mass, guaranteeing more protection and anti-breakage action, providing a bright and radiant color for much longer.


Here are the products of this line:

- Shampoo - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Conditioner - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Leave in active term - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Hair mask - available in 1 kg and 500 g