Curly Effect - Perfect Curls

Curly Effect - Perfect Curls

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Curly Effect - Perfect Curls

Griffus Curly Effect is suitable for curly, wavy and ethnic hair. Its unique formula is enriched with biotechnological assets: Elastin, Marrow and vegetable collagen, that provides softness and brightness and define the curls. Its main assets are Active Repair System, High Performance Silicones, Biotechnological Assets, Marrow, Vegetable Collagen, Elastin and D-Panthenol.

The exclusive Active Repair System complex is made up of high-performance silicones that form a protective layer of intense brightness. D-Panthenol imparts softness, hydration and a velvety touch. Argan Oil, a powerful antioxidant, acts by attributing a nutritional and rebuilding action.

Vegetable collagen and marrow, associated with Elastin, have a very high water absorption capacity and are rich in highly nutritious elements. They protect and moisturize dried out strands making them soft, revitalized, with controlled volume and super defined curls. You’ll have soft, moisturized locks since day one.


Here are the products of this line:

- Shampoo - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Conditioner - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Leave in active term - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Curls Activator and Humidifier - available in 1 L and 400 ml

- Hair mask - available in 1 kg and 500 g